Skyres was founded in 2005 as a holding company and a consulting active for a group of diversified businesses and assets with a sizable international footprint. Our subsidiaries and affiliates operate in several industries: automotive, mobile payment and technology research.

Developing the best ideas we give answers and solutions to some of the most daunting issues: the increasing environment protection, the request for more interaction between businesses and customers, the diffusion of new technologies as cloud, big data, augmented reality and virtual world, the industrial green automation, the production of renewable energy.

We are connected with several networks of national and international entrepreneurs, with many accelerators, universities (as Harvard) and research centers (as Fondazione Bruno Kessler).



Salvatore Pinto

He is an Electronic Engineer and he currently holds the position of President of Axpo Italy and Axpo Gas (Ceo from 2009 to 2015).
From 2005 he was also appointed as President of Calenia Spa, Rizziconi Spa, Energy Plus and Axpo Services Production Italy Spa, in order to develop all the activities of the Italian Group.
He is member of the Advisory Board of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Italy and also founder and President of Skyres and Green Energy Storage.
His professional career began in 1983 within the STET Group, in R & D (Italtel, Italcable)
In 1987 he joined Olivetti where, until 1992, he held various positions of responsibility.
In 1994 he became CEO of Tandem Computers Italy and was then member of the task force that prepared the acquisition by Compaq.
In 1993 he was in charge of Commercial Director of Pirelli for Italy and subsequently appointed Commercial Director of the Worldwide OEM.
In 1996 came back in Olivetti Group and he was appointed Area Manager for Italy, North Africa and the Middle East Olivetti-Olsy, becoming part of the Board of Olivetti Research and in 1998 he became CEO of Olivetti-Wang Global and January 1999 IPM Group and member of the Board of Getronics.
In 2001 he joined Telecom Italy as Head of Business Unit Satellite Group, also holding the position of CEO of Telespazio and until 2004 he was in charge of Innovation, New Markets Business Unit within the Information Technology Group, assuming later the position of Managing Director of Finsiel Group.
His assignments as Chairman of Trans Adriatic Pipeline Italia, member of the Executive Board of Anasin, Vice ESOA, the European Satellite Operators Association, and member of the supervisor board of Eutelsat, as well as of the satellite Consortium Galileo.

Rodolfo Pinto

He is CEO and Shareholder of Skyres and he is responsible for the following activities: scouting, business development, external relations and investments.
From 2011 and until 2013 he was board member of Via-Com Srl, a company focused on providing services of automotive safety.
From 2011 he is board member of Gruppo AC SpA, focusing on business
From 2014 he is Italy Vice President of The Kairos Society.
From 2015 and until 2016 he was chief executive officer of Znap Italia.
From 2015 he is co-founder of Quo-d, a company focused on business design, and he is Startup Advisor and Head of Business development.
From 2015 he is board member of Green Energy Storage.
From 2016 he is advisor of SoundsofThings Ltd.
From 2017 he is Project Manager of Bergamo Smart City & Community.
Rodolfo has reached a deep knowledge of startup sector thanks to many employments in Europe and USA.
Law office manager

Katia Antonicoli

She is registered lawyer in Rome since 1998 and she worked until 2008 as partner of “Lentini, Placidi & Partners - Legali Associati” law and tributary firm in Rome focusing on administrative, tributary and business law.
From 2008 to 2011 she was the lawyer office manager of Pandora SpA, a company focused on electric energy business.
She is the law office manager of Skyres since 2011.
Digital area advisor

Germano Marano

He graduated in Electronic Engineering and he started his career in 1999 with STMicroelectronics. 14 years work experience, 7 years managing startups.
Sales: constantly overachiever in very competitive markets
Managements: startups as GM with BDM/Operation/Delivery/Implementation/Marketing departments.
Actual Company: Powa Technologies General Manager Italy (2014-now)
Past companies: Webtrends Regional Sales Director south EMEA (2013-2014)/Italy, Israel and Turkey Territory Manager (2011-2013)/Senior Sales Engineer (2009-2010). Overachiever every year the business grew of 80% during my management; Pirelli Broadband Solution PBS - Head of Design and Validation Test (DVT) automation (2005-2009); Siemens SMCTelecommunication DVT Senior consultant (CEC Altran Consultant) (2003-2005) Locig Aermacchi- Critical Embedded system Developer (CEC Altran Consultant) (2001-2003); CEC Altran Group Consultant (2001-2005).

Serena Pinto

She is a registered psychologist in the Regional branch (Lombardia) of the Professional Association of Italian Psychologists (n 03/14752).
She graduated with honors and she has a theoretical-experimental education in clinical and community environment.
She adopts these skills in several work environments by helping organizations to improve business performance, productivity and workplace wellness.
As consultant of Skyres she is responsible for the following activities: assessment, individual and group process consultation, employee selection, organizational development, improvement of employees wellness.