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energy storage
The energy storage technologies are an innovative system constantly growing. Expert commentators estimate that energy storage revenue will increase from $200 billion to $400 billion in 2024.
These technologies have a significant role in the successful integration of renewable energies into the electric smart grid of the future.
Social networks have increased their messaging services in 2015, as shown by growing data of Messenger and WhatsApp: they transformed messages from basic communication instruments to customer services’ platform. This trend remarkably will hold sway to research, focused on direct communication between customers and businesses.
Digital technologies and IoT will shape and change also the insurance industry. The World Insurance Report 2016 (WIR) proves the constant impact of Internet of Things: these disruptive technologies transform the insurance companies access and manage risk through new automotive, home automation and fleet management applications.
business design
Business Design
The business design has become the main attitude to generate new business and innovation all over the world. Companies, whether start-ups or multinationals, have to take up this new global approach focusing on the entire business model. The new manufacturing methods should become smoother and faster by using tools and approaches of Lean Manufacturing and Design Thinking.
digital technology
Digital Technology
The effect of digital innovation is increasing: digital disruptors are not only changing targeted industries and developing of nations, but they also influence the quality of life and the social development. Market analysts estimate a +2,1% growth of enterprises’ spending in digital technologies reaching up to $37.1 billion, as a proof of the positive trend of 2015.
IoT Market is one of the major economic trends, as a report of University of Milan proves. The data show a market whose value reached $2 billion in 2015 with an increase of 30% compared to 2014, relying not only on traditional mobile connections, but also on other technologies such as Wireless M-Bus and Bluetooth Low Energy.